MPS-ABC is an environmental certificate that indicates the operational sustainability of the company that grew the flower or plant. This is done by monitoring the consumption of plant protection products, fertilizers, water and energy, and comparing it with an independently established, standardised reference values. The MPS - ABC certificate is based around different qualifications: MPS-A+, A, B and C. Better environmental performance is awarded with a higher qualification, with MPS-A+ being the highest qualification and MPS-C the lowest. Independent checks on the company and product samples ensure the reliability of the MPS-ABC certificate (qualification), so that you can be sure that MPS-ABC-certified products contribute to a better world.

MPS Florimark production

With the MPS certificates, the focus on man, the environment and quality is often divided. The MPS-Florimark Production label combines these aspects. The MPS-Florimark Production label can be rightly called the number one sustainability label. This label shows that our plants are produced in a sustainable manner.

MPS ProductProof

MPS-ProductProof indicates at product level that certain active substances do not occur and have not been used in cultivation.


The MPS-GAP certification protocol is based on and officially benchmarked by the well-known GLOBAL G.A.P. certificate of European retail organisations. This sets out production requirements in the areas of safety, sustainability and traceability. But the MPS-GAP certificate goes beyond that. In order to be permitted to hold the MPS-GAP certificate, every day we log the amount of crop protection agents used, when equipment has been serviced and the ways we handle the cultivation. The risk reduction and traceability of our plants are additional important reasons to achieve the MPS-GAP certificate.

MPS Socially Qualified

Good working conditions play an important role for many dealers and consumers. People are becoming increasingly critical when it comes to the cultivation methods and origin of products in ornamental plant cultivation. Meeting this certification means that we know which staff have a valid spraying license, or have ERT training. We also maintain an up-to-date stock inventory of crop protection agents and fertilisers, which are checked by audits.

MPS Quality

Having clear and reliable product information is a must. MPS Quality shows that our products meet the increasingly strict quality requirements.