Slijkerman Breeding B.V.
Our team of qualified staff is working on new innovative Kalanchoë varieties, using modern techniques every day. Time and again we pioneer in creating new colours, new cultivation methods and a better shelf life. We have varieties available for different pot sizes and climate circumstances, providing growers worldwide a distinctive assortment.
Slijkerman Youngplants B.V.
We have over 30 years of experience in selection and cultivation of Kalanchoë cuttings. We produce our cuttings at several production sites all across the world, with respect to our people and the planet. This provides our customers a good start of the growth with fresh quality cuttings at anyplace, anytime.
Slijkerman Production B.V.
We produce flowering Kalanchoë in a highly automated greenhouse of 50.000 m2 in The Netherlands. We strive to do this sustainable. Therefor we make use of biological crop protection and are we MPS-Florimark Production certified. Our production facility gives growers the opportunity to experience our varieties in a practical environment.