Slijkerman Breeding B.V.
Slijkerman Breeding B.V. is always innovating, searching for newer, prettier and more durable Kalanchoë’s. To achieve this we combine the best properties of different plants. We think of color, shape and size of the flower, but also of the less visible properties like resistance to diseases.
Slijkerman Youngplants B.V.
The foundation for excellent Kalanchoë’s is good starting material, we have founded Slijkerman Youngplants B.V for this task. We are active as supplier of a complete assortment of young plants. With Slijkerman Youngplants B.V. you have access to starting material of many varieties that has been grown under ideal circumstances
Slijkerman Production B.V.
Environmental friendliness, innovative corporating and premium quality, that is what we want to achieve with a team of motivated employees. Our organisation began as a production company, but since 2004 we are aiming more and more for breeding. Therefore we can offer you our own varieties in our sales department.